It all began with a dream. I had always had an affinity for color and design even as a little girl. However, It took until my mid 30’s to decide that this is my calling; that this is the direction I want to go in. So I planted my feet, stood firm and said “Ok, I can’t have ten years if I don’t have day one”. That’s how it started and I set my goals to match my vision. Honestly most of the time I had the vision with no idea how I was going to get there but I always knew if I never gave up even when I felt like it would always come about. I will never forget when we celebrated my ten year anniversary in business; I thought this was it and it made me smile. Now I am coming upon my fifteen year anniversary with a design studio, a contractor’s license, an Allied ASID member, and a retail shop. I can see the full fruition of my vision and I am looking forward to what is next.  I am so grateful to be living the dream to be able to have a career in which I was called to do.  Mostly, I’m grateful for every client who has allowed me to design and create in their home without them living this dream would not be a reality.